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Curb Surf — GPS-supported free-cycling app with intuitive user interface

Are you looking for a free television? Or maybe you have an old laptop that you’re trying to get rid of. In both cases you will find Curb Surf come in handy. Curb Surf is a free-cycling app that helps people to find new owner for the stuff that they no longer use, and it does so in an intuitive way.

Look at all these freebies

Look at all these freebies

Upon entering the app you’ll find the map of the city where you’re currently located (GPS required) and markers on the map that indicate freebies. Touch on any of these markers to get additional information. You can freely roams around the map, zooming in and out. If there’s a specific item that you’re looking for, you can also make use of the search function which is readily available.



Adding your own item is a no-frill process, simply choose a title and write short description and you’re posted on Curb Surf. You may also add a photo of your item.

Adding stuff is a breeze

Adding stuff is a breeze

Overall Curb Surf is very user-friendly and has great potential to help you with your free-cycling endeavor.

Score: 8.5 / 10

Developer: Good Code

Download Curb Surf @ Google Play Store


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